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Brilliant game conversion of the original - brought and paid for - worth every penny.  Here is my tribute to this...

Ha ha it's so good! Music is real fun too.


It was a very challenging difficulty level, and at first I thought it might be unreasonably difficult, but as I played it, I really enjoyed learning how to attack it and optimize my moves for each area.

I cleared the game in Biginner mode, but it was still very challenging and fun!

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Really fun! super challenging but you develop a rhythm eventually and it gets easier

Good job with the update! The game can now be installed and launched from the client.

Very cool! One of the best games on old Atari consoles.


If you aren't planning to use the O button for something else, perhaps you could have that as an additional way to jump?


that’s exactly how I had the controls at the very start. I just couldn’t get used to it which is why I changed it to up. 


Done. Version 0.81 now allows O/Z to jump as an alternative to Up. Thanks for the feedback. I always tailor the games to how I'd play them so it's good to get feedback like this.

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Thanks! I got used to jump being 2nd fire button from the various Atari/Coleco/Intellivision/etc versions. New version improved my score ;-)

very good


Great conversion! Well done!

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no .exe file in the zip file  windows version.

All fix. Apologies. 

Best yet!


very nice remake .. like this game alot!

I’ve been following the development of this game on Twitter, it’s an amazing recreation 👍👍👍

thank you. Alway appreciate hearing positive feedback.