A really hacky code minifier for Pico-8.

Written for my own projects but thought it might come in useful for any other Python-challenged Pico-8 users that couldn't get picotools working.

Leave comments or post on Twitter with any feedback.

TagsPICO-8, sourcecode


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Hello! couldn't find any info on the license for this tool but I'm using it for minifying my cart and wanted a way to run this from my computer so I did this


Mainly what I did is to use the minify  function and read a file from the CLI and write the file back, I also split the code into some functions to understand it better and applied some code style rules. Let me know if you have any comments or would like me to change something, or take it down.

Thanks for building this tool!

No problem. Just glad its being used.

You could also "view frame source" in your browser and copy the HTML to a file on your PC. You'd have to remove the last script line after the closing HTML tag that redirects to itch.io. Tested it and it works.

Thanks for the feedback. It's a pretty rough-and-ready utility but it does the job!