My Pico-8  interpretation of the 1983 Namco arcade game and the various console versions.

How to Play

Collect all the stolen items from each mansion, avoiding the cats!

Cats cannot harm you when you are on a trampoline or jumping on or off of one.

Extra life at 20,000 and 70,000 points.


[X] - Open Door

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Version History

0.80 - 12-Nov-2023 - Released
0.81 - 14-Nov-2023 - Lives displays "remaining" lives + player briefly stuns enemies when knocked back by door
0.82 - 16-Nov-2023 - Fixed spelling mistake!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
Made withPICO-8
TagsArcade, maze, NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), PICO-8


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This plays very well on Linux! (Fedora 39). But would it be too much to request a more 1:1 recreation of the original arcade game, as well as one for "Pac-Land" and "Cosmo Gang" (1992)?.

Yes it would! 😂

Quality port as always! Still wondering where you get the time to crank these out. Much appreciate you sharing the source as well!

What's next? :-)


Something simpler!

I used to play this on a plug and play tv thing! It was one of the funner games on it, so it's really nice to see it being remade. You did a good job (:

One point of difference with the arcade game is, it was very lenient with the knockback from doors. If you open a door with the knob on your side, and it knocks you into a cat, in the arcade the cat would be knocked out and you keep going. In this remake, if this happens, you lose a life.

It makes the microwave doors much harder to use effectively. I just had a game where every time I died it was due to this!

Correction to the above: when you get knocked into a cat, you don't die so much as you just pass through any cats, and if the animation finishes while you're overlapping a cat, _then_ you die.


Someone pointed this out on my Lexaloffle page too. Pretty sure I did notice this behaviour but completely forgot to implement it. Not sure if I have enough tokens left but, if I do, I'll likely update it.

Thanks for looking into it. Mappy's a fiddly game sometimes because of things like this.

Version 0.81 gives a short-stun if the player hits an enemy when being knocked back by a door (if the enemy is really close to the door, they'll get a full stun).


Very good recreation, but there's a bug that gives you one fewer lives than you should have; you're given a Game Over if you miss with one life remaining.

The life counter is "inclusive" of the current life. Since you get 3 lives, it will show 3 (some games will show 2, as in your "remaining" lives).

I was assuming the latter since that's how it's handled in Mappy. (It's also this way in the Famicom version which shows lives as a number.)

Also, slightly related: I don't believe I've seen a game that uses icons to indicate lives include your current life in the counter. I could be wrong, but all that I've seen use icons to show your remaining lives.

You may well be right. I didn't really think about it, just used the code from many of my previous games. Not too worried about it since it doesn't affect gameplay but I do see your point that it could be confusing!

And, if I do update this game, I'll fix this up since its been pointed out. Wasn't even on my radar before so thanks for clarifying.

No problem. I've just played several different versions of Mappy back in the day, so details like that tend to stick in my mind.

Lives are sorted. Now displays remaining lives excluding current life.

very good,thanks

very good

So good! Excellent work on the music too.

This is a welcome surprise!